Dukes County Registry of Deeds

Title Examiners and Legal Services

The Registry of Deeds cannot provide title examination or legal services.

Title Examination is a private business activity. Listed below are some title examiners providing service in Dukes County. These individuals/firms have requested to be listed here, but are not affiliated with the County or the Registry of Deeds, and listing here does not imply recommendation, endorsement, warranty or assurance of any kind. This listing is intended as a convenience only.

Carolyn Flynn
Tel: (774) 549-9489
Fax: (774) 549-9489
Email: cflynn249@gmail.com

John C Larsen
Tel: (508) 789-6848
Fax: (508) 627-3865

Donna L. Goodale
Vineyard Land Titles
Tel: (508) 627-8339
email: vineyardlandtitles@verizon.net

Brian E. Hall
B.E.H. Title Services, LLC
Tel: (508) 889-7079
email: behtitle@comcast.net