Dukes County Registry of Deeds


The Dukes County Registry of Deeds is now accepting electronic filing of documents. We have partnered with Simplifile & CSC to make e-filing secure and more efficient for you. The documents submitted electronically range from dozens of assignments transmitted by major national lenders to discharges and mortgages. Currently we are not accepting Deeds electronically. All land transfers and any transfers of interest, for consideration or not, including leases (of 30 years of more) must be processed through the Land Bank prior to being recorded at the Registry of Deeds.

If you wish to begin submitting documents electronically, you must enroll with one of the following companies and submit your instruments through their respective recording interfaces.

Please contact the companies directly for further information about their services.


SimplifileBrian Kilfoyle800-460-5657 x 1032bkilfoyle@simplifile.com
CSCThomas J. McGivney866-652-0111erecording-sales@cscinfo.com

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Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM and our staff is here to assist you with any filing.

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